23 December 2016

What is your goal in teaching martial arts?


People ask why does he leave his hand out because in a real fight no one does that, the attacker would be more aggressive. Training martial arts for nearly 30 years, I would be stupid not to realise this. But the the fact is this clip and all of my videos are from a teaching environment, me perfecting my art and abilities, me presenting and teaching my art. I didnt set out to convince people on what is real and what is not. 

The same argument can be said about BJJ and Judo practitioners, who actually "roll" in a real fight, why are they not pummeling each other into a pulp or try to choke and break each other out in every practice. Isnt that how a "real" fight should be on the streets? They are teaching their art, to make people more informed about their art, to spread their art; it's not about the instructor's personal perception and opinion on what is real in a fight. If they train for MMA they train different, if they train for BJJ tournament, they train different, its all about goals. That is what makes BJJ awesome.
�There are differences between teaching an art that has a strong cultural influence, a fighting art to win trophies and titles, and training just to spar in every session based on personal opinions on what is real and what is not. 

If you are looking for real, I can guarentee you in a self defence situation, the confrontation would not pass the my 3rd strike. But if I did that in training, I would not be teaching again because the guy died, I would get sued by his family and I wouldnt be teaching again because I would be in jail. 

These people should understand before they criticise others what are their goals are as martial arts teachers; if you are teaching what's effective then why are you not in the UFC, if you are for life and death then join the military, go to the middle east and prove that it works, if you are working on movie fight choreographies then you understand the use of camera angles and impressive movements, if you are spreading the beauty of the martial culture that you practice, then this is what I am doing.For me,i choose more then one because i really love The Art of Martial Arts,it feels like you travelling from one place to another.

Chose one goal, practice what you preach,what you love, dont waste time and energy criticising other for your own failures.

What is your goal in teaching martial arts?

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